Minerals & Precious Jewels

We Specialize in the selling of gold, Professionally and with individually licensed sales force. We understand the nature of business and that is why we focus on building trust and enhancing business experience to build long term partnerships.

Why Us?

Mat Products and Services is a leader in the dynamic field of selling precious High quality jewels most specially gold.

Mat Products & Services guarantees that every business deal, service and product has integrity and excellence at its core. Motivated by our key objective – To become the largest independent seller of Gold in Africa and multiply our already worldwide customer base.

We have Gold and Gold Dust for sale, packaged in Gold bars and raw Gold from 50-500Kgs. With our value integrated supply chain processes, we are able to deliver the precious jewels across the globe.

Once an agreement is made between the two companies, signed and sealed, we start delivery in 7 working days.

We offer a kilo at the price in USD on request.

We also pay attractive commissions in locating reputable buyers in the international market. Please only serious and real buyers should contact us directly.

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